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Luxury chauffeur-driven

Luxury chauffeur-driven
cars in Paris

There are several ways to find luxury chauffeur-driven cars in Paris. You can search online using search engines, social networks and other specialized platforms.

Luxury chauffeur-driven cars are in high demand in the capital to meet a variety of needs for special occasions requiring top-of-the-range transportation. Whether for memorable weddings, distinguished gala events, business trips or unforgettable sightseeing tours, DBS EXPERIENCE sets itself apart by offering a service of prestige and elegance.

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Town cars

Town cars

Ideal for city driving thanks to their practical size and maneuverability.



Check vehicle details, including size, capacity and equipment



They are often spacious, comfortable and ideal for road trips.



These vehicles are selected for their elegance, comfort and top-of-the-range equipment.


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Services available
at the airport

Baggage check-in

Baggage check-in

Passengers can drop off their checked baggage before their flight. This avoids the need for passengers to carry their baggage through check-in areas or across the airport.

Restaurants and shops

Restaurants and shops

Airports provide a wide range of services to make passengers’ waiting time as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Car rental stations

Car rental stations

Major airports offer car rental services with dedicated counters where travelers can make reservations, collect keys and obtain the documents required to rent a vehicle.

Specific airport assistance
and on-board services

At the airport, car rental desks are available for booking and collecting vehicles. Services often include baggage assistance, shuttle or limousine transfers, access to VIP lounges and sometimes personalized accompaniment for passengers with special needs. On board, passengers can enjoy entertainment, quality meals, Wi-Fi connectivity and other amenities depending on the class of travel.

A travel agency to
organize everything

A travel agency is dedicated to designing and coordinating trips for its customers, offering them a variety of services designed to facilitate the entire travel process.

A travel agency can, for example, take care of all the necessary bookings, such as flights, hotel accommodation, car hire and transfers, taking into account the customer’s specific preferences.

A travel agency to


Airport parking lots 1

Airport parking lots

Long-stay parking lots at airports offer services tailored to travelers looking to park their vehicles for extended periods. They offer enhanced security and special rates for this period. These parking lots can often be booked online in advance via the airport’s website or dedicated applications.

What’s more, they usually offer free or regular shuttles to the terminals to make it easier for passengers to get to the departure areas. These parking spaces are equipped with surveillance devices, such as cameras, to ensure the protection of parked vehicles.


Landing and take-off runways

These are designed to accommodate a variety of aircraft, depending on size and weather conditions. These runways, made of specific materials, require regular maintenance to ensure their safety.

Passenger terminals

Airports’ passenger terminals serve as central points for passengers and flights. They house essential services such as check-in, security screening, boarding and baggage reclaim areas.

Security checkpoints

Airport security checkpoints are essential infrastructures for ensuring the safety of passengers and staff. They use advanced technologies such as scanners to check baggage and carry out security checks on individuals.